I love learning and creating.  Whether it be playing around with the design of my blog logo in Photoshop, dancing like crazy with my kids in the lounge room, coming up with clever storage ideas for all the things we seem to accumulate, renovating and updating the numerous houses we have lived in, creating interesting and meaningful lesson plans as a classroom teacher, having my hands covered in flour goop making pinatas for my kids birthdays or sitting up at midnight sewing together a costume for the next day’s ‘dress as your favourite book character day’ at school because I left it until the last minute.  Not only am I creative but I can usually work out how to do a lot of things – I can see the process. I have a feeling this is because my Grandmother was an excellent dressmaker, my Grandfather a carpenter and my Father an electrician and musician  who can seemingly fix and build almost anything – I have some great building blocks to work from!

I am the mama of four spirited, loving bundles of energy and emotion whom I learn from each and everyday, to whom I have the pleasure and sometimes pain of parenting with my husband, the love of my life. I have lived in three different countries, in three different Australian States, have had so many jobs and worn so many hats that I have run out of fingers to count them on, because my life over the last fifteen years has not been stagnant, it has been flowing with opportunities that have made me resilient and extremely adaptable to change.  Our last move in July 2017 another interstate move has been to small coastal town at least four hours from a capital city and if you had told me five years ago that this is where I would be now I might not have believed you…. well actually perhaps I would tell you it wouldn’t surprise me.

I sometimes long for that forever home or place where I can make my homemaking mark, knowing that I’ll grow old happily living there, but for now I live with the knowledge that a little piece of me is scattered all over the world and that we are still nomads, happy in the notion that home is where the heart is, which is wherever my husband and kids are. For now I hope that Bellerose and Co. becomes a place where I leave a little bit of heart and piece of myself too, forever my web home.