I like to read! But to make the time to be able to read I have had to look at what I spend my time on. I deleted the Facebook App on my phone and iPad (although I can still access it through safari), I purposely do not start any series watching on Netflix or Foxtel (the last show I religiously watched was Revenge – that was a long time ago!!).

As a busy mum of three, having just moved state and helping my husband start his new business I have found that I will start books and then realise they aren’t exactly what I thought they were or needed and so will then stop half way through. So what I am creating here is an honest account of the books I read and half read which will hopefully help some other time poor souls select books worthy of their time and needs. By the way, I’ll be adding new categories and books as I go, hopefully there will be a huge selection by the end of the year.